2007 GSXR 600 Rectifier Replacement & Relocation Kit

юли 2, 2021

hey guys welcome back to my Channel today we’re gonna be doing a modification all right mm GSN 2007 GSXR 600 so I’m going to be installing a relocation kit for my rectifier because it burnt out my rectifier burnt out because the stocks for those you don’t know place between the exhaust manifold and the radiator so if you think about it whenever you’re writing especially motorcycle fairings it died on me was in traffic so make sense but after a while you know after heat between those two things it burns out it’s a known problem just fixers yeah I’m gonna relocate it and it’s gonna be going so basically gonna be taking that off and then relocation Tech is actually doing right here that way it gets mounted there so it will be showing but we will also be installing my brand new plastics that arrived so figured might as well since I’m gonna be taking off the bearings anyways so we’re gonna be installing that new bearings first things first is that I’m gonna just take off my bearings because to get leaks the area needed work on plus I’m gonna be changing these anyways yeah you don’t need to do this for the rectifier I’m just go ahead and taking off all of my fairing since I’m going to be replacing the [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it’s my first time taking off darn push things that I hate to see anything I don’t know they’re called but I hate them he’s trying to get the slider off on the other side where it makes

it open because I’m not starting it was it’s on there like really really tight okay so I finally got it off this one was a to get off so I accidentally broke this part but that could be released right these are still good we have to remove the fuel tank that’s gonna be fun these two there’s one on each side okay so now we need to remove the airbox this is how I have held up my gas tank seems to be working after remove this bolt and then these three sensors right here that bolt out and put all three sensors here we go alright so next there are two hoses there’s one right here oh my god what is on here that is disgusting but this one was right there same thing pinch the clip and pull it we’re gonna remove this clip that way you can stick your screwdriver through 2008 zx6r fairings the frame and get that screwdriver or that screw out right there that is kind of keeping this connected need a longer one okay finally found a long enough screwdriver after has been come out and help me get it there yup like I said all right so we get the air box now we have to I need to unclip these two that way we can get the old rectifier that was easier but just bolted right there you I mean it’s pretty obvious there’s these two bolts right here we’re connected through there it was in there unbolt it once you get those two plugs and done it will allow you to take it out so before it was on the inside and the cords went up like that the plug

but now that’s gonna be on the outside we’re gonna be putting these this way otherwise they won’t even reach was over here and of course we’re going up there but now we’re mounting it here and going through there and then gotta plug these come back it in the screws are touching that frame you look that bolt is touching my frame so I’m gonna swap to where the nuts are on there all right yeah the nuts are on the outside all right so we got the new all done well the never rectifiers on we got it all plugged in all mounted not symmetrical but this this bolt was digging into yamaha r1 fairings my frame so I just so you remember how you stuck your screwdriver through this hole on both sides to where we were removing the air box all right has done put back the puzzle so we need to put this back we need to replug in all of these smells like a glove just pinch the little thing again then we have the hose that was down in there so that’s gonna be a pain in the butt to get to probably should have done that before I put that airbox on but you know just like your box secured all right now we can put the fuel tank [Applause] now we’re gonna be putting on the pairings but the new ones you

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