We will provide you with everything needed for your horseriding lesson – horse, equipment and instructor. Depending on the weather conditions and the client, we may conduct horseriding lessons in manege or in terrain close to the equestrian center.
For beginners we recommend individual lessons with horseriding instructor that is focused entirely on you. If you are an advanced rider, you can ride with a small group of two-three persons.
The speed of mastering the horseriding is different for each person. For this reason, the speed of progress depends on many factors and on how often you ride. Our experience shows that between two and three visits per week can provide normal progress to the rider.


The horseriding services we offer are:


Horseriding in manage – BGN 15 for 30 minutes.


Horseriding in manage – BGN 25 for 60 min.


Beginner training lessons with instructor – BGN 25 for 30 minutes.


Horseriding trip with a guide – BGN 15 for 30 minutes.


Horseriding trip with a guide – BGN 25 for 60 min.


Canter Riding with a guide – BGN 40 for 60 min.


Extreme ride with a guide – 60 euro. for 120min.


Pony riding – BGN 10 for 20 min.